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Offering Our Services To More People

We’re excited to announce a way to pay for our services for those who may not have built up significant assets yet. Formerly, we had a minimum asset level of $500,000 in order for a client to work with us. Now, even clients with less than that amount can start a relationship with us, using a combination of an assets under management fee and an annual financial planning subscription that is billed monthly. Once you reach investable assets of $1,000,000 with us, the fee changes to just an assets under management fee. 

This operational change will allow us to work with people who need our services but may not have traditional investable assets, such as people at the beginning of their working life or those with most of their assets tied up in their current employer’s retirement plan.

We think that this new way to charge for our services will open up our firm to a whole new group of individuals that we’re looking forward to working with. As has always been the case, we never receive fees from commissions, referrals or product sales. 

If you are interested in starting a relationship with Milestone Financial Planning, LLC or think you know someone who may benefit from working with us, please let us know by emailing info@MilestoneFinancialPlanning.com.  

For more information on your new fee arrangement please read our ADV at https://static.twentyoverten.com/5afae91ee233a94fd2b8b963/wqp_K8i_5w/ADV.pdf