Personalized financial advice, uniquely tailored to you.

Personalized financial advice, uniquely tailored to you.

Connect with our team of CFP® professionals and CPAs to streamline your investments and finances while working to reduce your lifetime taxes and develop a lifetime income plan. Elevate your financial future with our collaborative and integrated approach.


Dedicated to serving you

We serve you through all life’s circumstances, from long-term marriages and blended families to suddenly single. Our team is well-versed in aiding mature professionals and their families unravel life’s complexities to achieve their financial goals. From intensive tax and estate planning to managing investment portfolios and planning for long-term care, we provide tailored solutions for you and your loved ones.

Retirement just around the corner? Let’s take care of that.

Are you wondering when is the best time for you to reduce your hours at work and how to replace your paycheck in a tax-efficient manner? Or maybe you have already reduced your work schedule and want a second opinion on your investment strategy, with a tax planning focus.

We are here to help. Our team has spent years working with clients just like you traverse these complex decisions and is ready to guide you along your path to a fulfilling life.

Heading into your peak earning years? We can help.

You are entering your peak earning years, but with this success comes so many questions. How do you minimize your lifetime tax liability? What’s the best strategy for your 401(k)? What should you do with your stock options and restricted stock? And just how much should you set aside for RSU-related taxes?

This is where we step in. Our firm has spent years navigating mid-career professionals through this labyrinth, transforming questions into clear strategies. Our expertise shines in making sure your family is protected, tailoring tax minimization strategies, managing stock awards, and identifying investment avenues beyond your 401(k).

Schedule a complimentary consultation today. No cost or obligation. Just honest and objective conversation.

Leading the way to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Milestone Financial Planning is proud to announce that we are the first investment advisor in New Hampshire to earn the B Corporation certification. B Corps are for-profit companies that seek to be a force for good by helping to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.