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Retiring Soon?

You’ve worked hard all your life, now’s your time to enjoy it

Taking the plunge into retirement is a mixture of emotions from pure excitement to nervousness.  The list of things to consider before punching your final timecard can be daunting.  Retirement is supposed to be the part of your life where you get to relax, pursue your dreams, travel the world, or give back to your community.  We want you to focus on the enjoyment, while we focus on the financial part.

Here’s some examples of how we can help

Can I afford to retire?

This is the number one question we get from clients. We have the tools, and expertise to analyze your current and future savings, forecasted expenses, and retirement income to project if you’re on track, and when could be your last day on the timeclock.  

Where will I get money from?

Many people are nervous when they retire since they will no longer be getting a steady paycheck. Let us help with a regular distribution plan for your assets in a tax efficient manner so that you’re able to enjoy a long, comfortable retirement.

What are my medical insurance options?

Health insurance and healthcare expenses are some of the largest expenses you will have in retirement. At Milestone, we can help you navigate your choices - pre-Medicare, Medicare, TriCare, and employee retiree coverage.

When should I collect social security?

When is the best time to start getting back from Social Security that you’ve been paying into for years? One of our advisors will crunch the numbers to help you decide the best time to collect based on your unique situation

What will happen to my spouse?

We help support and guide a surviving spouse through the initial issues and have us to rely on to deal with on-going financial questions.

What should be in my estate plan?

No one likes to think about when their last day might be. But it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure your loved ones are taken care of, when you’re no longer able to. This may include directing their health care decisions for you, setting up a trust for dependents, or donating to a special charity.

How can I help my grandchildren?

Many grandparents enjoy giving their grandchildren gifts and helping their children care for them. We can help with tax efficient saving/giving strategies to help your grandchildren get a jump start on their future.