Client Software/Online Access to Accounts

We strive to improve the client experience by sharing as much information as possible with our clients. We provide our clients with multiple online tools to review account information. Each tool serves a different purpose as described below.

Sharing documents securely with us

Security is very important to us. You can share documents securely with us from our website/resources/upload files or by clicking on the upload files link in our email. We also provide you a personal, secure, online vault for document storage in Orion. We can post documents we need to share with you, and you can also post documents to share with us. You will receive an email from our operations team with instructions on how to set up your Orion account. Please use the “upload documents” link on our website or email correspondence to send us any confidential information.

Orion – Reviewing your investments on a household level

Orion is a website that gives you access to your quarterly statements from Milestone; allows you to see your asset allocation, holdings, activity, and the performance of your accounts on a household level for different time periods. It also allows you to create and run custom reports. It is a useful tool for understanding how your accounts are positioned toward meeting your financial objectives.

You can find a link to Orion here or under the Resources in the top menu of our website.

Any changes to your Fidelity accounts are reflected in Orion the following morning.

RightCapital – Reviewing your investments and your financial plan

RightCapital is our financial planning tool that links your investment accounts (and any other accounts you wish to link) to your financial planning goals. Your advisor can send you an invitation link to Right Capital once we have analyzed your financial situation. RightCapital gives you the capability to see the effects of different what-if scenarios directly on the financial planning software.

There is also a robust budgeting and cash flow monitoring tool available to you through RightCapital, if you are interested. Speak with your advisor about how to implement this feature. You can find a link to Right Capital on our website under Resources.

We hope that you take advantage of these useful online tools. If you have any difficulty using any of them, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Please let us know when any of your contact information (such as your mailing address or email addresses) has changed so that we may keep your account information current.

Leading the way to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Milestone Financial Planning is proud to announce that we are the first investment advisor in New Hampshire to earn the B Corporation certification. B Corps are for-profit companies that seek to be a force for good by helping to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.