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Tax Planning

Want to Integrate Tax Planning into Your Finances?

Consult with Our Experienced Tax Planners

Taxes are an integral part of your financial life, and our financial advisors can help you minimize them over your lifetime. We integrate tax planning with our services to help you minimize your lifetime tax burden.

Examples of tax planning include:

  • The decision of when to collect Social Security can often be a tax planning decision, as well as a cash management one
  • Annual required minimum distributions from IRAs and inherited IRAs are a tax event, not necessarily a cash flow necessity
  • Control medical costs and IRA distributions that pay for them so they occur in the same tax year, reducing the tax impact
  • Control distributions from 529 plans and college costs so they occur in the same year, avoiding an unnecessary tax event
  • Assist with understanding and determining when to liquidate and exercise stock options
  • Monitor complex tax law changes and work to optimize your tax situation under ever changing rules (including the QBI deduction)
  • Determine when it may be tax efficient to make Roth conversions from pre-tax IRA accounts
  • Help make charitable contributions in a tax-efficient way
  • Consider state tax implications in your overall tax picture
  • Monitor the possibility of taking capital gains at a 0% tax rate
  • Weigh the tax savings from making pre-tax 401(k) contributions now, or contributing to a Roth

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These are some of the many tax considerations an advisor at Milestone would review for your unique situation. At Milestone Financial Planning, you will work directly with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners and be supported by our entire team. Our team has a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We incorporate experienced tax advice into our financial planning, as taxes are an integral part of any financial planning decision. This is an important distinction between our service offering and what other advisors may offer. We also coordinate your plan with your other advisors – estate planning attorneys, insurance agents, CPAs, etc.