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Social Security Pension

The Social Security Administration is no longer sending out paper statements.  Luckily, you can find your statement very easily online by visiting ssa.gov and signing up for “my Social Security”.   We recommend that when you sign up, you do so in a secure environment as you will need to fill in personal information.   You also will want to make sure that you have access to text message or email because you will receive a security code to confirm your information.

Once you sign up, you can view your statement online and download it as a pdf.  This statement contains your relevant information such as estimated benefits, your full retirement age (FRA), and annual earnings since your first job. You should check your statement periodically, especially the earnings portion to make sure that you are receiving credit for all your income.   

Email your questions in to info@milestonefinancialplanning.com, and we may address some of the topics raised in a future blog post.