Join us for an afternoon of dining while we answer your most pressing retirement questions!


Jennifer L. Climo, CPA, CFP®, MSFP

Owner • CEO & Senior Advisor

Date and time

  • Wednesday, May 22 • 4 – 6pm


About this event

Retirement is a time when we are stepping away from the employment that brought us to where we are and switching gears towards other goals. Even if you are confident that you have enough financial resources for retirement, you may still have questions:

  • How much should I withdraw from my accounts each year?
  • Which types of accounts should I draw from first?
  • Is a very low tax bracket in the first few years of retirement really a good thing?
  • How can I minimize my lifetime taxes paid?
  • What types of income will I have?
  • How does my asset allocation affect my retirement?
  • When should I collect Social Security?
  • How much does retirement health insurance cost?
  • How does Medicare work?

We encourage you to bring along friends who are navigating the same journey!

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